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Tier 4

Updated: Dec 30, 2020


ALL lessons in Peterborough, Huntingdon, Spalding, and Northampton (tier 4) are CANCELLED with immediate effect, until further notice.

***UPDATE 30/12/2020***

Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire join Peterborough & Cambridgeshire in tier 4. Therefore ALL lessons in these areas are CANCELLED. We don't have an end date in sight - we are being led by the government reviews every 2 weeks. We will keep you updated.

As always, if you are struggling or want a chat, please get in touch - 07982 493422.

***UPDATE 27/12/2020***

Now that the whole of Cambridgeshire is also in tier 4, it is very, very unlikely that the government will put us back into tier 3 on 30th December when they review the tiers. For this reason, we are provisionally cancelling all lessons between 30th December - mid January.

We can't tell you when lessons will restart - we are being 100% led by the government decisions on tiers, and the DVSA. We will of course, keep you updated.

Original post:

The DVSA had stopped all driving lessons and driving & theory tests in tier 4 areas.

If you have a test booked, PLEASE keep an eye on your emails and keep your instructor informed of any changes.

We know that some of you live in tier 3 areas but your instructor lives in Peterborough. In these cases, your lessons WILL NOT go ahead.

And vice versa, if you live in Peterborough, and your instructor lives in a tier 3 area, your lessons WILL NOT go ahead.

Your instructor will contact you personally to confirm your cancelled lesson(s) between now and 30th December.

The government are reviewing the tiers on 30th December.

If Peterborough stays in tier 4, then lessons will remain cancelled.

If Peterborough goes back to tier 3, then lessons will continue.

On a personal note, this is the first time throughout this year where I've actually cried in frustration over all of these restrictions and guidelines, how unfair this is for instructors who are self employed and earning nothing, as well as students who are constantly having to stop and start lessons, as well as move their tests.

This is not what we wanted at all. But here we are.

All I can say is, I hope you all have a lovely Christmas period (as much as we can with tier 4 restrictions), and we WILL see you back in the new year. We don't give up that easily!

I'm also here if anyone wants a chat, please don't suffer in silence. If you have any questions or just want a chat, PLEASE message me either on Facebook or 07982 493422.

Stay safe

DKM Team x

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