Test cancellation finders

We totally understand that there are long waiting lists for practical driving tests - but it's useful to know if you've already got a test booked, you can use a test cancellation finder to get a quicker date. 

We're lucky to have been able to partner up with 4 of the main apps to offer you a discount! 

You sign up, enter your details, and the app will look for a sooner date. 

CAUTION: Please do not book a sooner date unless agreed with your instructor. Check they are available on the sooner date before booking it. If you move your test without telling us, we may not be available on your new test day.

Driving Test Cancellations Now

You can sign up HERE

Discount code: XP89Z

Driving Test Genie

You can sign up HERE

Discount code: LM62950


You can sign up HERE

Discount code: JDW5ZY

You may also find our 'what happens on practical test day' page useful! Click HERE to see it!

These discount codes can be used by our DKM students, and any other students who wish to use them.

If you have any questions, please speak to Laura or your instructor. 

Good luck!