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~ What happens on theory test day? ~

We've put together some information about what happens on the day of your theory test.

Please see the coronavirus changes to the theory test at the bottom of this page.

1. You will have booked your theory test yourself or with your instructors help. The address of the theory test centre will be on your confirmation email. If you have lost the confirmation email, speak to your instructor.

2. You must bring your driving licence as proof of ID.


3. Go to the reception desk, give them your name and show them your licence.


4. You must put any items you have on you in the locker – including your phone, keys, money, notebooks, electrical devices etc. The only two items you can take into the test room with you is your driving licence and locker key.

5. You will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room.


6. When your name is called, you will go through to the next desk down the short corridor. The person at this desk will double check your name and driving licence, and may also check that you have no items hidden in your pockets etc. This is normal procedure.


7. They will tell you which number computer you have and will tell you how to get their attention if you have any issues during the test. This is usually by raising your hand.


8. In the test room itself, you are not allowed to talk or cause disruption.


9. You will enter the test room, find your computer, and sit down.


10. The screen will ask you to confirm your name and type of test you are taking.

11. The theory test will then start. You are allowed 57 minutes to answer 50 questions.


12. Once you have completed the multiple choice questions, you will be allowed up to a 3 minute break. It’s up to you whether you decide to take this. You are not allowed to leave your computer, however it does mean you can sit quietly for up to 3 minutes and relax before starting the hazard perception.


13. You will not be told at this point whether you have passed or failed the multiple choice questions.


14. Once you have had three minutes, or click the button to end the break early, the hazard perception test will start. You will be shown on screen how to complete the hazard perception test. There are 14 video clips, and each clip is 1 minute long. Every clip has 1 hazard in it, however 1 clip has 2 hazards, so be alert and aware.

15. You will be told on the screen once the hazard perception test is finished.

16. You may get a message asking if you would like to complete some trial/research questions for the DVSA – taking part will not affect your score, they are purely for research for the DVSA to try out new questions.

17. The screen will tell you when you have finished. Once you are finished, you may leave the room – don’t forget your locker key and driving licence.


18. Go back to the first reception desk, and the receptionist will ask to see your driving licence again to confirm it’s you. The receptionist will give you a piece of paper, folded. This will have your results on it. It is folded in such a way that you cannot see the results until you open it – so if you want to wait until you’re outside, you can do this. No-one else will see your results.


19. Don’t forget to collect the items from your locker!


20. You must score at least 43/50 in the multiple choice questions, and must score at least 44/75 in the hazard perception. If you fail either the multiple choice questions or hazard perception, you will fail the overall theory test.


21. The theory test centre staff are not allowed to discuss the results with you. If you have any issues with the way in which your test was done, or disagree with the results, please speak to your instructor. They will be able to give you advice on your results, or advice on how to make a complaint to the DVSA if this is what you’d like to do.


22. If you fail, you can rebook your theory test as soon as you feel ready. Don’t forget to get some extra revision!


23. If you pass, you will be able to book your practical driving test. However, we strongly recommend you talk to your instructor about this first, so that you can agree on whether you are test ready, and to ensure that your instructor is available on the date you choose.


~ Coronavirus changes to the theory test ~

The coronavirus changes have now ended - these no longer apply

- You must wear a face covering whilst inside the building, and whilst taking your test (unless you are exempt)

- Waiting room seats and theory test computers are spaced out to comply with social distancing 

- The receptionist will not touch your driving licence 

We hope this helps you understand what will happen on your theory test!

If you have any other questions or concerns about the theory test, please talk to your instructor!

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