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~ Prices ~

Our prices are as follows:

Manual and automatic lessons are the same price. 

Current prices (from 5th April 2022)

1 hour :                                   £35

1 hour 30 minutes :              £52

2 hours :                                 £70

10 hours (block book) :       £330

Practical driving test day :  £75

(1 hour lesson pre-test, and 1 hour use of our car for the driving test, plus time to debrief and get you home afterwards)


You can pay for lessons by bank transfer or gift voucher.


We also offer a free online system for theory training which you can access at home. If you would like access to our FREE online theory system, please click here and enter your name and email address at the top of the contact page.

Theory test :                  £23

Practical driving test : £62

You can book your theory and practical test online - if you would like help doing so, please speak to us. You can find the official links to book your theory and practical test under the 'Resources' section, click here. Please be cautious of websites who will try and charge you more money to book your tests. It should never cost more than the cost mentioned.

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