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~ DKM Driving Network ~

(For driving instructors)

Being a driving instructor can be a lonely job and we often get asked if we will take on new instructors under our franchise. For various reasons, we are very selective about who we take on under our DKM Driving franchise - however that does make me (Laura) feel sad because I never, ever, want to turn people away. I was honestly getting upset at the thought of turning instructors in need away, so I decided to create something different, yet supportive and focused. 

I appreciate that sometimes instructors want to try being independent however they don't have the support or resources around them, they feel lonely, and/or they don't know where to start. 

The DKM Driving Network was born in January 2022! 

The network is a growing group of instructors, all of who are independent, however they feel they would like that little extra support in finding their feet. This is really important to me, to create a network of instructors who can support one another, who I can give support directly to, and a place for them to feel safe, listened to, supported, to share experiences, to access our wealth of training knowledge and resources, etc. 

The benefits of being within the network include: 

- Full ongoing support and advice, regular industry updates and news

- Monthly meet ups with other DKM Driving Network members

- An active chat group with other network members

- Discounted training with myself (Laura) - CPD days available

- 10% off specific training courses/workshops

- Access to the Total Drive diary system (optional)

- Advertising in your area 

- Pupil supply (if needed)

I can also offer support and guidance with:

- Business management -

*How to manage your business effectively and successfully

*How to manage your independence

*Being self employed

*Managing your finances and taxes

*Making business decisions such as buying or leasing a car, increasing lesson prices, etc.

*Managing your work/life balance

- Diary management - advice on how to manage your diary, giving you the skills and confidence to manage this productively

- Advertising support - not only can we target our advertising to your area, I can also offer guidance on how to advertise, supporting you to make the most of social media platforms, websites, recommendations, and more

- Resources - signposting to different resources, and supporting you with the creation of your own resources for lessons such as visual aids, reflective logs, terms & conditions, 'must haves' in car, etc.

- Access to my wealth of contacts - such as signwriters, t-shirt printing, logo designers, website designers, accountants, local mechanics, and more

- Other industry guidance - such as starting your own franchise, going from manual to auto (or vice versa), starting to work with additional needs/disability pupils, starting to train your own PDIs, taking on new challenges such as working with NDORS (National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme), Bikeability, RoSPA, IAM, etc.

The network is aimed at: 

- Those who are currently in a franchise and are considering going independent but not sure how/where to start or what to do

- Those who are in a franchise and want to stay in a franchise (or want to leave but are tied into a lengthy contract), and are looking for additional support, guidance, general discussions with other instructors, discounted training, pupil supply and support, etc.

- Those who are newly independent and feel they would benefit from the additional support and benefits listed above, without needing to join a full franchise

- Those who have been independent for a while and want training/CPD support from ourselves and want to share experiences and talk to other likeminded network members

- Those who have had a break from instructing and are wanting to get back into it, without needing to join a franchise initially, however are looking for that 'stepping stone' and support to get back into instructing

- Those who have maybe been teaching for a long time and are looking for fresh guidance, up to date information, guidance on how instructing has changed over the past few years, and current knowledge & training 

~ Cancellation period ~​​

No-one likes long contracts, tie ins, or struggles to leave a franchise. 

The DKM Driving Network is not a franchise - and we will NEVER prevent you from leaving. We work on a rolling monthly basis - you can stay for as little, or for as long as you'd like. We understand that instructors are using the network as a stepping stone towards their independence and they will inevitably feel ready to 'fly the nest' at some point - we won't stop you from leaving and we'll always support you in doing so.

~ Prices ~

​The DKM Driving Network is £40 per month.

~ What if I'm not local to DKM? ~

DKM Driving covers Peterborough, Spalding, and the surrounding areas at present.

We have had instructors from further afield asking if they can join the DKM Driving Network - the answer is YES!


You can still benefit from the network and we're here to support anyone. The flexibility of the network means that you can still access support and guidance from us (including business management advice, advertising advice, resources support, etc), talk to other network members, access our discounted training/CPD, discounted workshops, and diary access if wanted. We can also target our advertising for you in your area, and support you in sourcing pupils!

~ I'm training to become an instructor, can you help me? ~

Absolutely! We have a page dedicated to instructor training here.

You're more than welcome to get in touch if you'd like to find out more!

~ Tell me more!  How I do I start?  I have more questions! ~

Please contact me (Laura) for more information about the DKM Driving Network.

I'm more than happy to have a free, informal, no obligation chat over the phone or text with anyone who is looking to become a driving instructor, or who is already qualified and looking for additional support! We're here to guide you in the right direction, and find options and solutions that suit YOU. 

If you would like to join the DKM Driving Network, please contact me using the details below :)


We look forward to hearing from you! 


07982 493422

(If you know me from Facebook, please feel free to message me there too!)

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