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Message from Sammi's mum:
'Hi Laura, Sammi really enjoyed her lesson and feels comfortable with Sarah! I'm over the moon as this has already given confidence... One very happy Mum, lesson booked for next Sunday same time'

Message from Sarah: (lessons with Darren)
'Hiya Laura!! Thank you thank you thank you! I didn't even stall! Loved it so much! Can I book again next week? I loved it Laura! Honestly it was great, was so excited to message you as well!' 

Message from Anon: (Instructor Training) 
'Laura honestly you're very inspiring for me, makes me question the training I've had! I've learnt the most from being in lockdown reading books and documents and watching some YouTube videos. And now speaking to you, I don't have the words that describe how grateful I am for your time and dedication to coaching with your feedback and advice!'

- Jade Blackmer (Instructor Training)

Laura from DKM is honestly so lovely. I work under a different franchise further down the country, but have sought advice from Laura on a number of occasions. She has always gone out of her way to help and advise me whenever she can, always being on the end of the phone when I've needed her.
If Laura can do this for me miles away then imagine what she can do to helping to teach you- whether it be to become an instructor, a first time driver or to just freshen your skills. I could not reccomend Laura from DKM enough to teach your to drive. Her passion shines through and her knowledge and understanding is second to none! If your looking for driving/ instructor tuition then Laura is the lady for you.
If she can do all she has for me from miles away, think what she can do for your on your doorstep!
Thank you Laura!

- Zsolt Gall

Many thanks for Myles, you are a good instructor, teached me well and it was a pleasure to have driving lessons with you.. hope to see you again on the road driving safely :) 

- Kelly Wales

Darren is the most patient instructor ever. He made me feel so comfortable and helped me learn in a way that worked for me specifically. I’ve also had lessons with Laura who is equally as fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone learning to drive!

- Nicholas Barrett (Instructor Training)

Excellent support and advice for others in the industry.

- Georgiana (Ella)

Had a fab first lesson with Laura and I really enjoyed it, she's calm, patient and lovely, looking forward to next lessons xx😊

- Valentina

I had my first lesson with Darren few days ago. I was so strongly against Manual cars and really wanted to do it on automatic one. I chose to give it a try with manual and let me tell you-Darren completely changed my mind about manual cars. I did way better than I thought and considering I'm always anxious and nervous - I felt amazing and confident. Darren is so patient and friendly. Laura as well - amazing and so friendly. Thank you guys x

- Owen Gibson

Very good driving instructor myles I would recommend to anyone, prices are very affordable. So thinking of taking lesson go with Dkm Driving

- Amanda Alksere

Would highly recommend Myles as a driving instructor. I personally got anxiety and was so afraid to drive. He has been so supportive and professional all true my lessons. Just an amazing person! Thank you for making me like driving, passed my driving exam yesterday. Thank you so much ✨

- Graham Davey (Instructor Training)

I have been working towards my ADI Part 3 instructor license since October. Laura and I have been have been messaging regularly back and forth since the beginning of October. I always have questions that I need answering and Laura is always willing to reply and help out no matter what time. Laura is a wealth of information and has been invaluable in helping me pass my ADI Part 3 test first time. I am not local to Laura or DKM Driving but I can not thank Laura enough for all the help she has given me. You are a star. Thank you ever so much

- Anon

Darren is lovely & very understanding. He reassures me when I doubt myself & helps me when I need it. Couldn't ask for a better driving instructor!


- Kirsty Nicholson

Someone is teaching me to drive and is still alive! Myles is a fantastic instructor, always talking things through and making me feel at ease. Always good jokes and conversation and air con!

- Lucy
He is a very good instructor who I would be more than happy to recommend to anyone who asked :)


- Anon

Darren is SO patient. He never ever lets me give up, and always subtly hints when I've forgotten to do things I should have, or prompts me to make sure I am doing things I need to do. He makes me enjoy driving.


- Pat Donson

A very good teacher and understanding, teaches you everything you need to know and let's you know where you are struggling on which is brilliant as means you can go and get it fixed

- Stacey Middleton (Instructor Training)

As a newly qualified driving instructor, Laura has taken me under her wing. She has been the first to offer support, advice and students for me to practice on whilst getting my business up and running. Darren and Laura are both kind, caring, professional, and most importantly passionate about their job. Anyone having lessons from either of them is very lucky! Thank you Laura for helping me start my business and being there as a tower of strength! Looking forward to us both progressing forward in this career as great friends! Highly recommend! X


- Emily

My instructor is great, I'm allowed to drive in my own way/style and am always encouraged to learn from my mistakes and to see those mistakes as a positive step forward in learning to drive instead of something to be ashamed of

- Shilo Alderson

Feeling so much calmer after being out with Laura. I was worried after my last instructor gave me a bad experience but absolutely no reason to worry with Laura. Shes so chill, lovely, funny and an amazing teacher. Thank youuuuuu 😍

-Rachael (Instructor Training)

I spent the day with Laura yesterday to see what I need to do to pass my second attempt at part 3 in August.

Laura’s knowledge is amazing. I really enjoyed her calm and encouraging training method, she really put me at ease. I hadn’t prepared a model lesson, I wanted to demonstrate an average lesson and Laura’s feedback was encouraging, but also there were some fairly big issues I need to address! Laura adapted to what I needed and she taught the second lesson completely spontaneously and I found this incredibly useful. The student and I have spent 16 hours in the car and have become stuck in a rut and stopped really making progress. Laura has shaken me out of that with some fab phrases and methods to try. I really look forward to working with Laura again in preparation for the test and into the future.

- Steven (Instructor Training)

Just want to say a massive thank you to Laura for all the help support and training she has helped me with over the last 4 months to help me pass my final part 3 driving instructor exam today! 😁 All the non stop messages asking everything about everything to do with driving never once bothered her and I am very grateful! She even drove all the way to Newcastle to watch my lessons to prepare me for my exam!! Thank you sooo much!!!

- Scott (Instructor Training)
I have just passed my part 3 today on 2nd attempt....and this was largely due to Laura's help and coaching. Nothing was too much trouble for her and her simple, straight forward advice and insight was amazing...Just when you thought that it was all too much and impossible to master she would set you right back on track with such clear advice you couldn't help but think "why could I not see that?"
Cannot speak highly enough of Laura and her coaching abilities, I would strongly recommend that you contact Laura at the earliest opportunity if you feel that you need guidance in preparing for your part 3 / Standards Check.

- Jessica

Before I started learning with Darren I was a very nervous driver who lacked confidence due to my previous instructor, Darren took this on board and within a couple of weeks I was able to pass my test!! Couldn’t recommend Darren and Laura enough if your looking for someone to build up your confidence and pass with!!

- Pete (Instructor Training)

Thanks Laura for all your help and guidance for helping me obtain my A today on my SC. Also thank you to your pupil Leah for being a brilliant student! Much appreciated

- Pip Carter

Absolutely brilliant instructors both Darren and Laura. raised my confidence so much. never laughed so much on driving lessons. Extremely professional amazing value for for money and insane support. You would do wrong to not go with Darren and Laura.

- Jack

Honest instructor. Patients of a saint and an all round top guy! Would highly recommend 👍


- Peter Balmforth (Instructor Training)

Your feedback has been extremely useful and I really appreciate accessing your encyclopedic mind when observing my lessons. The feedback you gave in the debrief was detailed and very analytical. I will include this training session as part of the 5 hours I need for my next part 3. Thank you for your time and help.

- Ivo

Today just passed my practice test.. I enjoy driving with instructor, he was helpful always explains in easiest ways to understand, and I definitely would recommend Dkm driving :)

- Aisha Sayeed

Laura has been the most amazing driving instructor. From the get go, she believed in me, boosted my confidence and encouraged me to stop doubting myselfin my driving abilities. Not only did she help me to pass (first time!!!) in under 4 months, but she helped me to overcome my anxiety on the road and in everyday life. She always kept me at ease, and went out of her way for me, which I will always appreciate. I cannot stress how much I have enjoyed driving with Laura; our chats, laughs and stupid jokes. I'm happy to say that she has become a very good friend of mine, and I cant thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I would recommend Laura to anybody and everybody a million times, she is worth every penny xx

- Farnaz

Thanks Laura for your patience and guidance. I had a very good experience and I confidently recommend Laura for new learners who want to pass with flying colours

- Tayib (Instructor Training)

Just like to say a huge thanks to Laura for the help she's given me during the process of doing my ADI part 3 thanks a million😊

- Kayleigh

A big thank you to Laura for helping me pass my driving test. Laura was patient and explained everything really clearly. She gave me confidence when I needed it and was honest with what I needed to work on. It really helps to put you at ease when you can get on with your driving instructor well. Thank you again Laura.

- Ruth (Instructor Training)

Thank you so much for sparing the time to give me some valuable training today. Very much appreciated!

- Eliza 

Thankyou for everything!!! First time pass all thanks to you :-) :-)

- Aime-Jade

Really amazing wouldn't want to go any where else they help u understand everything you do and would recommend to any new drivers wanting to learn

- Lukas

I enjoy driving with instructor, he was helpful always explains in easiest ways to understand, and I definitely would recommend DKM driving

- Becky-Louise Mckimmie

I passed my driving test with Darren in 2014. His teaching techniques were fantastic, so easy to remember and have stuck with me ever since. Darren puts you at ease from day 1 and lessons were always enjoyable. Couldn't recommend a better instructor.


- Destiny

Only started learning a couple of months ago and already achieved so much! Completely reliable and made me feel at ease when I was very nervous to start, always been able to work around my college times and my daughter no problem,definitely recommend!

- Laura
Before my first lesson, I'd never got behind the wheel of a car. I was rather scared and nervous! Never in a million years did I think I'd actually enjoy it, but thanks to Darren I did. I enjoyed every lesson I had over the 9 months I was learning, and again thanks to Darren I passed both my theory and practical tests first time. Darren is a great instructor, very calm, relaxed, and doesn't make a big deal when you make mistakes (and believe me, I made a lot of them!). Would highly recommend Darren. Thanks!

- Limara
I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Darren for helping me pass first time. Before Darren I had the worst driving instructor who scared me of driving but being in the car once with Darren I couldn't wait for my next lesson. 

- Sarah
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to Darren, for being a great instructor and helping to make me relaxed on my lessons. He makes it seem a lot less daunting. I passed my test today with 4 minors and I couldn't of done it without him. 

- Lucie
Wanted to say a massive thank you to Darren, for being a great instructor an making me so relaxed on all my lessons :-) Darren is truly a great teacher. Can not thank him enough for helping me pass my test today :D

- Connor
Hi all, I'd just like to take some time out to thank Darren for being just a general LAD, helped me get my confidence back also had a laugh every single time I sat in the car for my lesson, would defo recommend him to anybody!

- Gary
Would like to say a massive thanks to Darren on helping me pass my test first time. Every lesson was fun and a laugh as well as learning the vital things that was needed to pass the test. Would highly recommend anyone that needs a instructor Darren is the man to call!! 

- Jovita
Hi, I want say great THANK YOU to Darren for his patience and support to make me feel confident behind the wheel. He is excellent, flexible instructor, explaining all situations and mistakes very clearly. I enjoyed every lesson. I will recommend him to anyone. 

- Shannon
Would like to say a massive thank you to Darren. He has been an amazing instructor. I would recommend him to anyone! I started originally with another school who drive down a straight road for 4 lessons. I got in the car with Darren and was straight away at ease and was driving on the parkway within an hour with him! We have always had a laugh and he is so laid back! He helped me overcome lots of fears I had. Especially the dreaded parallel park! He really Is a top bloke and I cannot thank him enough for what he did and how much he helped me! It was a sad day when I passed and wouldn't have my weekly lessons! Definitely recommended him. Won't let friends or family learn with anyone else now. Thank you. 

- Kieran
With the help of Darren Morris I managed to pass first time! I would suggest him to anyone looking not only to pass their test, but to really learn how to drive. Fantastically down to earth bloke who will teach how to drive in the real world.

- Jordan
Just want to say a massive thank you to Darren for getting me to test and passing first time, something I never thought I could do!! Over the last 11 months there have been lots of tears and tantrums but Darren got me feeling confident with driving! If you aren't very confident or don't like driving that much I would recommend Darren as he is a great friendly instructor, who makes you feel at ease as soon as you get in the car! He also has the patience of a saint!! 

- James
Hi, I would just like to submit a testimonial having passed my driving test. From that start Darren has been a great instructor, setting me instantly at ease and making me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. His style of tuition is fantastic, helping you to gain confidence and teaching you without being overbearing or ever once the sensation that I was being lectured, even when I did something wrong, it felt much more like being in a car with a friend than an instructor and it will seem a bit odd not seeing him on a weekly basis! I cannot recommend his services highly enough, I passed with 2 minors, which was a great result and I thanks to his enthusiasm and tuition I am confident I am on the road to becoming a great driver :-)

- Leanne
Hi just passed my test first time, and i would like to thank Darren, he is such a brilliant teacher and made my lessons relaxed and made it so easy! I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Darren for helping me pass! x

- Hannah
I would like to say a massive thankyou to Darren, as I have just passed my test with 2 minors! he was an amazing driving instructor, and made me feel at ease even when I made mistakes! I would definitely recommend him as an instructor. Thank you. 

- Lauren
I passed my test yesterday with Darren. I'd recommend Darren as he was very patient and a good laugh. Thankyou! :)

- Emily
Hello. I would like to recommend Darren. I really enjoyed my driving lessons with him. Thanks again! :) 

- Simon
Hi, I just wanted to write to express my gratitude to Darren for the extremely friendly, confidence inspiring and professional way that he has helped to get me through my test. I passed after just 12 lessons and only one minor during the test. Not bad for a guy that was always concerned that he would never get round to passing his car test after 20 years of riding motorcycles! Darren was fantastic and clearly enthusiastic about his work, he was always jovial and able to pick me up if I made a mistake, especially after a bad day in the office when I would get frustrated with myself. Thanks again Darren!

- Lynn
I would like to say the most massive of thank you's to Darren as I passed my test first time this morning! He has been brilliant as I was previously with another driving school and was rather low on self esteem when it came to driving. I am so grateful to Darren for his patience and would be more than happy to recommend him to anyone, especially someone who's confidence has taken a knocking. He has been fantastic at explaining things and no question is a silly question. Thank you Darren you are a star who is most definitely in the right profession :)

- Shelly
My driving instructor was Darren he was brilliant! I have had two previous instructors and they were terrible in comparison! Darren is patient and makes lessons fun. on the test day he made me feel relaxed and like I could do it which i did! I passed first time couldn't of done it without you Darren thank you :) 

- Jannet
65 and passed my driving test first time thanks to Darren who was extremely patient made me feel relaxed gave me confidence what a great instructor I would recommend him to others. Just shows you're never to old to learn I really enjoyed my lessons. Thanks Darren 

- Paul
I have recently passed my driving test and would like to thank my instructor Darren for his support, patience and fantastic ability to teach. I enjoyed every minute of our lessons, which is something i can not say about previous lessons elsewhere. I have and will continue to highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive

- Natasha
I would like to thank Darren for helping me pass my driving test first time. Darren was a great instructor giving me confidence as that was key to driving. I would recommend Darren to anybody as he has the patience and skills to make you feel comfortable and confident. You will pass in no time with him. Thanks.

- Rosie
I passed my driving test yesterday first time, this was down to Darren and his fab instructing skills. he is a great for confidence and for kicking bad habits, he's also a fun person and someone you can have a laugh with. am very much going to recommend him to other people! thanks soo much and miss the driving lessons already!

- Lizzy
I passed my driving test first time on 30/04/2010 with Darren :) he is an awesome instructor! I enjoyed my lessons loads as Darren was a lot of fun and easy to get on with! He’s very patient and great at teaching! I passed my test very quickly with him and would definitely recommend him! Thanks Darren, I can’t wait to get my pink licence in the post. :)

- Richard
Passed my driving test today on the 2nd attempt with 2 minors, i would like to say a big thanks to Darren for teaching me the way he did, he was excellent, and would recommend him to anybody, cheers!

- Kerry
I have just passed my test! And would like to say a big thank you to Darren for all his support. Without him I would not have had the confidence to go through with my test. He was very patient and extremely good with first time drivers. Would recommend to anybody!

- Claire
I want to say a great big thanks to Darren. He is an amazing instructor. He really helped to boost my confidence and made me feel at ease. I could never of done it without him. He is so patient and it's more like driving with a friend. And if you do it wrong he doesn't shout! Thank you so very much, your a star.

- Binay Agarwal
Time spent with Darren was amazing. With just 13 classes (believe me - with no previous driving experience) I am driving my car properly and have also secured driving license. His approach to driving is amazing and when it comes to attention to details, I have not noticed anyone more diligent as Darren is. His will pin point the exact mistake again and again till you get rid of it. One day he would become the toughest examiner if he ever chooses to be.

- Singh Deep
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent training lessons. My regards and thanks to Darren, my instructor, for all his professional approach, patience, encouragement and excellent advice and explanations. Really enjoyed my action packed enjoyable lessons with you. You know how to improve on candidates weaknesses and your customised approach was very helpful. You helped me to feel more confident behind the wheel. I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to teach. I would highly recommend for sure first time pass.

- Tom
My driving test went better than I could have ever hoped, from the moment I made contact with them they have worked so dedicatedly to help me from finding me the most suitable instructor Darren who never stopped going out of his way to make me feel comfortable and gave me the confidence and most importantly the finely tuned skills to pass first time round with only 2 minors. I can defiantly recommend the Darren to anyone, their team are without fault. Massive thanks to Darren for all his hard work and time, couldn’t of done it without you mate, cheers hope to catch you around!

- Anon
I just wanna say a massive THANK YOU to Darren! I passed my first test last week and couldn't have done it without Darren's help. I'd previously had 2 different driving instructors, neither of which I felt comfortable with. Darren made me feel at ease and was a great instructor. My previous instructors didn't listen to my needs but Darren was happy to teach me what I wanted to learn. I would recommend Darren to everyone. 

- Chinnappa
Hi, I would like to thank Darren for his help to pass my test. A patient, professional and optimistic instructor. 

- Janice
I would like to say a big thanks to Darren for his support that help me pass my test. He has all the patience you can ask for. I would therefore recommend him to all who would like to pass and pass well. All the best Darren.

- Craig
Just like to say thanks to Darren for helping me pass my test in Cambridge, top guy and thank you again!

- Laura
I passed my test last Friday thanks to Darren and a week of intensive lessons, 5/6 hours a day. Darren is a great instructor with a style of teaching that really makes you consider how and what you are doing, plus he is easy to spend lots of time in a car with!

- Andrew
I passed my test 1st time with only 1 minor due to the excellent tuition from Darren, who I'd like to thank again. He's a relaxed, friendly, professional instructor and I'm truly glad I chose him.

- Lauren
I actually passed my test 4th time. I had a driving instructor before but I found driving difficult with them, as soon as i had my first lesson with Darren I actually enjoyed driving. Darren gave me so much confidence and I passed my next test with his help. The lessons were alot of fun and I had a laugh. 

- Lee
I passed my test on Wednesday with only 5 minor faults. Am really glad and very thankful to Darren. Wonderful instructor, relaxed and professional teaching and all round good bloke.


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