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Lockdown 3

So we begin lockdown... 3, I think! I've lost count!

I think we're getting pretty used to this aren't we!

So we are in lockdown until at least the next review date, which is around mid Feb.

All driving lessons and instructor training sessions are cancelled up until mid Feb.

All theory and practical tests will be cancelled up until mid Feb.

If you have a test booked, the DVSA will automatically cancel and rebook it.

If we booked your test, we will receive the emails - we will contact you about any updates or changes to your test.

If you booked your test, you will receive the emails - please keep us updated about any changes to your test dates. You must tell us straight away - tests will be booked into our diaries on a first come, first served basis for dates. If you don't tell us straight away, and someone else has a test on the same date and has already told us, we won't be able to do your test. It is vital that you keep us updated immediately - please!

We will leave any lessons and tests after mid Feb booked in the diary for now, and we will see what Boris says mid Feb, and decide from there whether we cancel further lessons.

We really, really do appreciate the stress of having to stop lessons AGAIN, and we appreciate the stress of tests being cancelled AGAIN. It's not fair on you guys and I wish it wasn't like this - but hey, we're being sensible and responsible by following government guidance.

As always, we are here if you need a chat, advice, or any support - please just message me on 07982 493422.

Stay safe

DKM Team x

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