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N is for...

N is for... Navigation!

What types of navigation are there?

Sat nav

Following road signs

Following a road map

It's important that we teach you how to use a sat nav, and how to follow road signs. Not only are both of these on the driving test, but they are skills that you will be using once you pass your test.

Using a sat nav may take the stress out of your journey - it helps with route planning, and most new sat navs and phone maps can tell you where traffic is, accidents, road works and closures are, can find alternative routes, car parks, fuel stations, attractions, and other local landmarks.

Sat Nav

What is it?

A sat nav is a small screen/unit which you can place on your dashboard in your car. It gives you directions, lane choices, times, distance to the next junction, distance to your destination, etc.

Some people choose to use their phone as a sat nav, which works in the same way.

Some vehicles have sat navs fitted into the dashboard of their vehicle, which also works in the same way.

Here are two examples;