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L is for...

L is for... Learning to drive!

Let's start from the beginning! We're going to look at every aspect of learning to drive, from finding the right instructor for you, to lesson prices and why we charge what we do, the law surrounding learning to drive, what the DVSA and the government say about learning to drive, taking the theory and practical tests, what happens in your lessons, and what happens when you pass your driving test!

How do I find the right instructor?

It's important that you find the right instructor for YOU!

You can find instructors by having a look on social media, searching on Google, and even asking who your friends & family learnt with - they'll have first hand experience of different driving instructors. Though it's important to note that different students have different needs - therefore different driving instructors may suit different students.

We often get students asking if they can pay for 10 hours up front - we would ALWAYS recommend that you do a normal 1 or 2 hour lesson to begin with, to see how you get on with your instructor. We wouldn't want you to pay up front for lessons and then decide that you're not best suited to that instructor. 'Try before you buy'!

Instructors should be friendly, reliable, calm, and have you in their best interests. Instructors should not be shouting, getting annoyed, hitting/slapping you, or making you feel uncomfortable.

Check that your instructor is qualified! We did a blog recently about instructors, including the qualifications needed, and how you can tell if they're qualified. You can see the blog HERE, and we talk about pink/green badges in that blog. Look for an instructor's pink or green badge. If they are licensed by the DVSA, they will have a pink or green badge and will have no issue showing you their badge. If they cannot show you their badge without good reason, I would be incredibly wary that this is a fake driving instructor.

Also consider if your instructor can;

- Support you with your theory test or if they offer theory test revision resources