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K is for...

K is for... Knowledge!

Lets look at our knowledge!

This blog isn't going to be too long (I don't think!), however I do think that it's a really important topic to explore, and discover where we can get knowledge from, and what to do if we don't understand something.

Why do we need 'knowledge'?

Knowledge is at the heart of what we all do!

If we didn't have any knowledge, we wouldn't really be able to drive! Practical experience of driving is fantastic, and clearly really useful. However if you don't have the knowledge of the road, rules, signs and markings, you wouldn't be able to drive effectively, safely, or even legally.

This is why it's important that we learn new things, and continuously update our knowledge!

It's also important that we have a good understanding of our knowledge. Again, it's all well and good knowing that the white sign with a black stripe means 'national speed limit' - but what does 'national speed limit' mean? What is the national speed limit? When would you drive to the national speed limit? When wouldn't you drive to the national speed limit?

Understanding our knowledge means we can use this together with our practical experience and become an even better, safer, and more responsible driver.

Some people prefer the practical side of things - they are better at physically driving and controlling the car, but lack knowledge and understanding. Some people are better at the theory side of things - and have the knowledge and understanding, but find the practical side harder.

Why do we have a theory test?

Our theory test is important to show that we have the knowledge and understanding of different topics. By passing the theory test, it demonstrates you have the knowledge which the DVSA require you to know in order to be able to drive safely.