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I is for...

I is for… Instructors!

Who are we?

As instructors, we generally teach people to drive!

We can teach many people for various reasons, here's some examples;

- Drivers who have never driven before

- Drivers who have driven, but are looking to change instructors for any reason

- Drivers who have passed their test, but are looking to refresh their skills

- Drivers who are looking for theory test support

- Drivers who are looking for motorway lessons

- Older drivers who are looking for an assessment of their driving - we offer free driving assessments to older drivers as part of our scheme

- We also teach people how to become instructors!

- We teach nervous students, those who are anxious, dyspraxic, dyslexic, or have other learning difficulties

- We offer manual and automatic lessons

- We have fantastic, patient, and friendly instructors here at DKM Driving! Our current instructors are Darren & Laura (owners), Stacey, Myles, Lloyd, and Sarah.

What is an instructor's role during a lesson?

We are here for many reasons! Here are some of the reasons;

- To keep you, me, and the general public safe