Coronavirus Update

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We were absolutely gutted to have to make the decision to stop teaching our wonderful students and trainee instructors. Whilst we knew it was the right decision, not long after we stopped teaching the country went into lock down.

We were always hoping that it wouldn't be long before we were back in our cars and teaching. We realised the enormity of the situation and we've kept up to date with the current government guidelines and it has always remained unsafe for driving lessons (and driving instructor training) to continue, until the government deem it safe.

Whilst last night's announcement (Sunday 10th May) from Boris relaxed the lock down rules very slightly, he still insists that social distancing is followed. As you know, this is something that we just cannot do in a car - therefore lessons will remain suspended.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to make such a decision to stay off work because although we are enjoying some family time (Mrs DKM is making sure Mr DKM is keeping busy don't worry!), we are eager to get back to work - but not where we could potentially put us and our family, and you and your family at risk - there is nothing that justifies that risk.